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Some Of The Signs Of Sports Injury That Are Easy To Miss


Any kind of activity can end up causing injuries, although they are more common when it comes to high-intensity sports or hobbies that require quick, forceful movements. While there are certain specific and clear indications that one has to be vigilant about, such as pain, edema, and stiffness, other signs and symptoms might not be as prominent or are easily dismissible. One might initially get some orthopedic sports medicine which will be able to provide immediate relief.

Here are some injury warning indicators that athletes and non-athletes at times overlook.

  • Muscle Pain

Since there is a widespread belief system amongst people that “No pain, no gain” they frequently overlook muscle soreness. It might be persistent in nature and result in severe muscular discomfort that serves as a tell-tale symptom of an injury. A failure to warm up properly before engaging in strenuous activity is also one of the may signs.

Muscle soreness is a common daily occurrence for many people, particularly if they:

  • Maintain the same posture while working, reading, or sitting still for an extended period.
  • Develop sleeping habits and patterns that involve lying in the same spot for a long amount of time.
  • Taking any medications that have a side effect in the form of muscular pain.
  • Be affected by a particular disease that specifically affects the muscles
  • Regularly work out and exercise

Muscle discomfort is simple to dismiss as an unimportant ailment because it frequently occurs during exercise, sports practice, or also while preparing for competition. However, one needs to be aware of any growing and persistent pains since they can be signs of an orthopedic injury that needs to be evaluated and treated by a doctor. They might also prescribe particular orthopedic sports medicine for the same.

  • Joint Pain

A joint is a spot where two or more bones come together to allow for movement. The joints that are most frequently affected by sports injuries are the knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, hips, ankles, and fingers.

Joint discomfort may occur because of a lot of different factors, including:

  • maintaining the joints in the same still position for an extended period of time
  • executing routine workouts and exercises
  • having acquired weight quickly or being overweight

If one has a significant or ongoing joint discomfort, it is quite crucial to speak with the orthopedic physician. The doctor might suggest a course of therapy to address the source of the discomfort or also provide orthopedic sports medicine to help one cope with the pain in a better way.

  • Numbness

In the afflicted region, tingling or numbness is a primary cause of pins-and-needles sensation. The limbs and extremities- arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes—are often affected. A burning sensation may also accompany these symptoms.

It is essential to consult an orthopedic physician as soon as possible if one has these symptoms together with the numbness and tingling:

  • limb and muscle weakness
  • Stability issues and trouble walking
  • Unconsciousness or confusion (even if brief)
  • Inability to move a bodily part or loss of control over one or more limbs, bladder, or intestines


If one does nothing about their sports injuries, they will take significantly longer to recover, and they will also have to undergo chronic discomfort that will probably worsen over time. Additionally, arthritis and other symptoms like joint stiffness or muscle weakness might also appear. Therefore, it is important to consult at least a Primary Care physician if one sees any of these signs.

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