Natural Supplements To Lose Weight.


Making juices and natural vitamins to lose weight, in addition to being cheaper, is a healthy way to avoid nutritional deficiencies during weight-loss diets, increasing the number of vitamins and minerals and ensuring that even with the intake of less food and fewer calories, the hair, nails, and skin remain healthy and beautiful.

Vitamins and juices made with fruits and vegetables are also good natural vitamin supplements to complement the diet of vegetarians, children, or the elderly who need to increase their intake of specific vitamins or minerals in a healthy and tasty way without having to resort to supplementing tablets.

Natural Vitamin Supplement Recipes

These juices and vitamins can be made in a centrifuge or a blender and are a natural and straightforward way to ingest nutrients naturally and healthily without getting fat.

Natural Supplements To Lose Weight.

  1. Diuretic Juice To Improve Blood Circulation

Benefit: Decreases fluid retention, fighting belly and body swelling. Contains 110 calories and 160 mg of vitamin C.

How to do it: Centrifuge 152 g of strawberries and 76 g of kiwi fruit. This juice has all the vitamin C that is needed for an entire day.

  1. Juice For Anemia

Benefit: guarantees a good mood and reduces the desire to eat chocolate and sweets. Contains 109 calories and 8.7 mg of iron.

How to do it: Add 100 g of bell pepper and 250 ml of acerola juice to the centrifuge. Peppers provide all the amount of iron needed for a day, and acerola is rich in vitamin C, which improves iron absorption.

  1. Vitamin For Sagging

Benefit: Helps the skin maintain its elasticity during the slimming process, contributing to the skin’s beauty and preventing wrinkles. Contains 469 calories and 18.4 mg of vitamin E.

How to make: Blend 33 g of ground sunflower seeds with 100 g of avocado and 1 cup of rice milk in a blender. This quantity of seeds has all the vitamin E that is needed for one day.

As it has many calories, this vitamin can be used in the morning instead of breakfast to get all the benefits of vitamin E without getting fat.

  1. Juice To Improve Tan

Benefit: Helps to keep the skin beautiful and golden from the sun for longer. Contains 114 calories and 1320 mcg of vitamin A.

How to do it: Centrifuge 100 g of carrots and mango. This juice has just enough vitamin A for the whole day.

To obtain the benefits indicated in these natural juices, drink them once a day. However, any regular supplementation should be guided by the doctor or other health professional such as the nutritionist at zma. Despite being a natural supplement, all nutrients have the right amount to keep the body healthy, and excess vitamins can also be harmful to health, causing vomiting, itching, or headache.

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