After Your Child Has Gotten A Tooth Out 


Knowing your child has to undergo a tooth extraction process can be difficult to comprehend. The procedure can be scary even for adults and even more so for little kids. Dentists usually keep extraction as a last resort. Therefore, if your dentist has suggested it, your child must have a severe dental issue. It is important not to neglect your child’s oral health. 

If your child has a tooth extraction appointment coming up, it is time to learn about a few aftercare tips. This is especially important when it comes to their diet. Make sure to follow the dentist’s instructions and give them any medication on time. Visit a Dentist in Bristol, Connecticut, for your child’s check-up today. 

Extraction aftercare tips for your child 

  • Aid the blood clotting process. 

After the tooth extraction process, it is important that the blood does not come out but clots. Following the extraction, the dentist will give your child a gauze to bite on to aid the clotting. Make sure your child bites down on it for 45 minutes. Later, remove the gauze and check if it bleeds. If it does, you can give them another clean gauze and ask them to bite down for another 30 minutes. If the bleeding still does not stop, visit your dentist. 

  • Be careful about the numbness. 

It takes some time for the sedation and anesthesia to wear off. Your child’s mouth may feel numb, and they may not be able to feel their tongue or cheeks. This is why it is important to give them only drinks and liquids until the numbness subsides. However, do not give them a straw, as it can disrupt the blood clot process or dislodge it. If the numbness does not wear off after a few hours, visit your dentist. 

  • Medication and rest. 

After the extraction, your dentist will prescribe a few medicines for your child. Make sure to get them and that your child takes them on time. That being said, rest is crucial after extensive dental procedures like a tooth extraction. 

Prevent your child from engaging in any strenuous activities, such as lifting something heavy. Let your child rest for at least 48 hours straight after the extraction before they go to school or to play outside. 

  • Give them the right food. 

Do not give anything hard to eat, such as crunchy fruits, candies, potato chips, meat, etc. It is suggested that they drink only beverages, such as smoothies and juices, and eat soups for as long as the dentist instructs. 

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