6 Effective Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners


Calisthenics exercises commit solely to your own body weight. These exercises are performed with varying intensities and rhythms and sometimes with lightweight hand tools such as rings and wands. These workouts allow the augmentation of strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Today, various calisthenic programs are used for fitness training by athletes, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and anyone who wants to stay fit, warm up for strenuous sports, or build a physique. Scientists are also researching the use of gymnastics and referring to Calisthenics Worldwide, a trusted online professional educational platform for athletes, movement professionals, and calisthenics enthusiasts, to treat various health conditions. Nevertheless, here are some of the exercise routines you must follow:

10 Pull-Ups

  •   Stand in front of an exercise bar.
  •   With your arms slightly wider than shoulder width, grab the bar.
  •   Use your deltoids to pull your body up and rest your head over the bar.

20 Dips

  •   Stand on the dip bar and use your arms and shoulders to lift your body off the floor.
  •   Bend your elbow back and use your triceps to move it up and down.
  •   If you don’t have a dip bar, do the dips with your feet on the ground and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle to it.

10 Chin-Ups

  •   Stand in front of an exercise bar.
  •   Grip the bar firmly from below with your arms a little narrower than shoulder-width apart.
  •   Use your biceps to pull your body up and bring your head over the bar.

25 Jump Squats

  •   Stand with your torso facing forward and your feet directly under your shoulders and parallel to each other.
  •   Point your toes slightly outward and place your feet a few inches apart.
  •   Lower your hips back into a squat while bending your knees.
  •   Raise your chest and turn your head forward.
  •   Crouch as low as possible and explode with force to jump.

20 Push-Ups

  •   Kneel and place your hands down, just outside your shoulders.
  •   Extend your legs as you lift your body with your arms into a “plank” position.
  •   Make sure your back isn’t sagging or up in the air.
  •   Lower yourself by bending your elbows toward your body so that your chest almost touches the floor.
  •   The upper arm should form a 45-degree angle with him when the upper part of the body is in the lower push-up position.
  •   Pause in the lower position and quickly return to the starting position.
  •   Keep your abdomen or core flexed throughout the movement.

50 Crunches

  •   Lay your back flat on the floor.
  •   Place your feet flat on the floor and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle to your body.
  •   Cross your hands over your chest and lift your head a fist apart from your chest.
  •   Sit until your elbows or chest touch your knees, keeping your core engaged.
  •   Focus on lifting your body with your core muscles, exhaling when you sit, and inhaling when you lie down.


This gymnastics workout for beginners works differently for different body parts in a total-body workout. You need to perform the following series of exercises three times. Rest 30 seconds between each set of exercises and 3 minutes between repetitions of each set. And that’s it!

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